Pittock Mansion by Christopher

Forest Birds plus a view

The Pittock Mansion

The The Pittock Mansion, now a museum, was built in 1914 by Henry Pittock, the Oregonian’s first publisher. The mansion has a superb view of downtown Portland and all the Cascade volcanoes. It is also a stop on the migratory path of migrating birds due to it’s altitude. The mansion grounds have a unique habitat diversity for such a small area. In spring it is easy to see 25-30 species of birds including swifts, swallows and raptors. The maples in the front are a haven for warblers and there is a cliff with blackberries which are home to sparrows and wrens. We also see red crossbills, black headed grosbeaks and many more.

Audubon Society Headquarters

The Pittock Mansion hike can be a short hike added to a trail that links this area to the Audobon Society headquarters. There are dense woods here with many ducks, dippers and owls. The main building has feeders which attract the backyard birds of Oregon. There are many exhibits, a wild bird hospital, and of course, the gift shop is not to be missed!

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