“It's been 2 months since my first birding experience with Lauretta from Portland Birdwatching Experiences. I have since ventured out several times with various local groups at 7am to see and hear the wide variety of species that we have here in Portland. Today I am serious about starting my bird log of birds I have personally seen. But I could not remember the sightings of that first day. I was thrilled to come to the website and read the blog of April 4th. I now have it accurately recorded in my personal log. The whole family is now caught up in our world of birds. We leave the house on weekends with binoculars and cameras. Thank you Lauretta for starting us on our new hobby!”

Linda Frank

“This was our first "birding" experience and fortunately the day was cool, sunny and beautiful. The Fall air was perfect for enjoying the sounds and sights of the thousands of birds that come to Fernhill wetlands. Your comfortable pace and graduated way of providing insight and information about the many beautiful birds that we saw was a gentle way of dealing with these delicate feathered friends. It seemed that without any intrusion we were being part of the community of birds and enjoying their normal activities. Since having you introduce Laura and I to this experience we want to get back to it and make it a part of our world. It pulls in the enjoyment of outdoors, with a gentle way of learning and becoming part of the environment that is otherwise so easy to lose in our urban busy lives.

I really cannot imagine a better introduction to that world than what you provided. Thanks for making it so easy to find a whole new world to enjoy.”

Stu and Laura

“We were treated to a wonderful bird tour with Lauretta at Fernhill. It was an oasis of several ponds in the middle of growing roads. Each pond seemed to have its own village of water and shore birds. Lauretta helped us tune up our ears to know the redwing blackbird and song sparrows who were greeting us before we took any steps down the path. She says we saw 25 different birds, but my favorite was the relatively mundane great blue heron- the elegantly robed and bearded statesman of the pond whose every feather shone in the spotting scope Jeff carried for us. Our guide made even the starling interesting and special. Of course the crowd pleaser were the slow-wheeling drifts of miniature cackling geese (this is more special than it sounds- they aren't Canada Geese). It didnt hurt that the day was an Oregon jewel of fall sun. It was over way too soon.”